Et In Arcadia Ego

My girl, my girl, where have you been? Oh where, did you sleep last night?

In the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines. Oh where, did you sleep last night?

Lowkey - Soundtrack to the Struggle


If you do one thing today, listen to this album. Don’t just put it on and go about your business. LISTEN TO IT.

Whether you like rap or not, just listen.

This is the world we live in.

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Lowkey - Dreamers

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Lou Reed - Berlin

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“Typical Daze” - Dirty Dyke

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"So Far Away" - Avenged Sevenfold

How do I live without the ones I love?

Time still turns the pages of the book it’s burned.

Place and time always on my mind,

I have so much to say but you’re so far away.

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EDA - We Are One


These guys just seem to be getting better and better!

And who says Scottish rock is dead?

EDA - We Are One


These guys just seem to be getting better and better!


I came late to the whole ‘Blurred Lines’ debate, mainly because I interpreted the song in - I believe - the way it is meant to be:

A tongue-in-cheek pop song about flirting with someone who obviously wants to fuck you (indicated by touching/grabbing you) but has a partner so is just toying with you.

He’s not talking about the ‘blurred lines’ of sexual consent, he’s taking about the ‘blurred lines’ of what to do when a someone is back and forth flirting with you and playing coy (due to having a partner) to instigate a bit of a ‘chase’.

He’s talking about crossing the line into being ‘the other guy’. He talks about the boyfriend trying to “domesticate” the girl who (for lack of a better term) wants to do the dirty and is bored with her boyfriend who is trying to suppress her wild side and - frustrated with this - is toeing that ‘blurred line’ of cheating.

There’s nothing in there about forcing himself on her, if anything it’s exactly the opposite. One line even says: “Hit me up when you’re passing though” - as in, if you ARE interested after all, I’m game if you are.

In fact it talks about NOT letting men dominate you (outside of the bedroom- the distinction is important) and says “you don’t need no papers” (permission from her boyfriend to do things) and “that man is not your maker” (he’s not ‘god’ don’t let him tell you what to do).

As for objectification sexually: Yes it’s talking about fucking, yes it’s talking about dirty animalistic sex.

Perhaps a news flash guys, but being treated dirty and like a sex object is a kink people have and as long as it is in relation to consensual sex between two people, it doesn’t mean you overall have no respect for the person.

Believe it or not, you can enjoy being degraded and objectified in a sexual way in the bedroom as a fantasy and not be so in day to day life.

The song touches on all of these things, but as far as I can see doesn’t even allude to rape or non-consensual sex. Many people point to the “I know you want it” line… It’s because she clearly does (grabbing/flirting with him) but isn’t doing anything because of being in a relationship. He doesn’t say “I know you want it, but you’ve said no so I’m going to force myself on you”. He even says “go ahead, get at me”, as in “if you want me, come get me”.

As for the video, it’s sexualised to the point of ridiculousness (which is the point) and is clearly tongue-in-cheek. It’s relating to (if anything at all) sexual taboos; while alluding to the theme of being tempted to do things that are frowned upon or “naughty”.

There’s no implication of rape, or non-consensual sex.

Well what is there?

There’s confident, beautiful women shirking society’s backward ideas about chastity and modesty.

The most ironic thing about the whole backlash is that it was ROBIN THICKE’S WIFE who came up with the whole idea for the video! This is the woman he’s been with since he was 16!!

This backlash actually reminds me a lot of when Sasha Grey licked a toilet seat in a scene and there was an uproar about how she’d been degraded and it turned out that SHE CAME UP WITHT THE IDEA.

This was a stream of consciousness post, I may write a proper one later.

I think this is my favourite… This guy is a badass!

He gets pulled on stage with no prior notice and then rocks out!

The Clash At Demonhead - “Black Sheep” (Metric Cover, from Scot Pilgrim vs The World)

So I came across these guys playing the theme from Tetris on the Royal Mile today.

Needless to say, it made my day.




sometimes you’ve just gotta sit down and listen to this

erry day

oh my lord

Some times the world is just so beautiful that I just… can’t…

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"Radioactive" - Imagine Dragons

"Feel Good Hit of the Summer" - Queens of the Stone Age

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